i cant find my video anywhere! its an alternate video to 12:51 (I THINK! i cant quite remember for some reason. but they are in the recording studio. its definitely from room on fire and jules is wearing tall white chucks. does anyone remember this? its been a while and im dyin to see it!
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Hello there everybody.

I was wondering if anyone has any clips from when The Strokes appeared on the Australian music show Rage in 2005? I have the tape but it's... well, my VCR has eaten it.

I've tried searching and they were once uploaded to YouTube but it seems the videos have been deleted.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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I got home today for my bastard iTunes to declare Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men 'corrupt' and now I can't find it anywhere :/
Could someone upload it for me? It would be awfully nice.
Thanks x