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Share the Strokes
Hey! Does anyone have the You Only Live Once version on the Zane Lowe Session? The files aren't uploading on shesfixingherhair.co.uk  for me.

It's the audio from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3z51vx2kDg&feature=autofb

Thanks so much!
24th-Jul-2009 04:45 pm - Life's A Gas
Since I'm too lazy to buy the Heart in a Cage single, does anyone have an mp3 version of the Strokes' cover of Life's A Gas? Thanks a gazillion.
23rd-Jun-2009 06:44 pm - Alexandra Palace
Harry Flower Crown
I got this from oh_someday, it's the whole Alexandra Palace show from '03.

11th-May-2008 10:23 pm(no subject)
Harry Flower Crown
Can some sweet soul please upload the Nick Valensi 3RRR 'I like men in make-up' interview tracks for me? My files are just...gone :(
25th-Feb-1970 04:18 pm - The End Has No End - Single
Hey everyone, I have a quick request.

Does anyone have The End Has No End - Single Version? I've heard it's really really good and I CANNOT find it anywhere! I'd really appreciate it if someone would upload the mp3 for me. Thanks a ton!
27th-May-2007 04:47 pm - A few requests...
Does anybody have an (preferably high quality) audio version of this?

New York City Cops (featuring Jack White)

a (preferably high quality version of) In My Room?

and a live audio versions of Ask Me Anything and Ize Of The World where Julian's voice doesn't go whack?

pretty -please??
21st-May-2007 04:05 pm - HELP!
i cant find my video anywhere! its an alternate video to 12:51 (I THINK! i cant quite remember for some reason. but they are in the recording studio. its definitely from room on fire and jules is wearing tall white chucks. does anyone remember this? its been a while and im dyin to see it!
16th-Apr-2007 03:02 am - Rr-rr-rr-rrage!
me: all the time
Hello there everybody.

I was wondering if anyone has any clips from when The Strokes appeared on the Australian music show Rage in 2005? I have the tape but it's... well, my VCR has eaten it.

I've tried searching and they were once uploaded to YouTube but it seems the videos have been deleted.

Any help would be much appreciated!
15th-Feb-2007 02:55 pm(no subject)
was the song "in my room" by albert ever recorded in a studio? if not, does anyone have a live version i can download?
9th-Feb-2007 08:45 pm(no subject)

I got home today for my bastard iTunes to declare Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men 'corrupt' and now I can't find it anywhere :/
Could someone upload it for me? It would be awfully nice.
Thanks x

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